Administration: All personal records and account information are held confidentially for club-use only. Members are required to give written notice of change in mailing or e-mail address to which communications should be directed. Any new Single, Couple, Family, Senior or Executive Memberships are subject to a one-time Commitment Fee ($1,000.00) upon joining the Golf Club. Such initiation fees will be waived for any new member that joins the Beau Rivage Golf Club on or before January 10, 2018. All golf club memberships will be automatically renewed the following year unless notification to Beau Rivage Golf Club management is provided at least 30 days in advance.

Cart Operation: The operator of any cart used for course play must have a valid driver’s license and is required to sign the Starter’s Log prior to teeing off before every round. At Beau Rivage, all members are asked to abide by the standard 90° Rule at all times unless otherwise specified by the Golf Shop (ex. Cart Path Only on specific holes due to weather, maintenance projects, etc.). Ride the path until reaching your next shot, then drive in a straight line directly to your ball. In turn, exit the fairways on the same path that you entered. Beau Rivage requires that all players avoid any bare spots in the turf and wooded areas. Carts should always remain with four wheels on the cart path near all tee boxes and putting surfaces at all times. All Par 3 Holes (#4, #5, #12 and #15) are Cart Path Only at all times. Any damages inflicted on a cart as a result of misuse may result in repair fees or, depending on circumstances of the damage (and at the sole discretion of management), loss of membership good-standing. Beau Rivage recognizes that some players have limitations that make it difficult to walk long distances throughout a round. Customized Member Handicap Placards and Handicap Cart Flags are offered for those who provide a valid doctor’s note showing such limitations. Such placards will allow closer access to areas on the golf course but these carts must still remain at least ten yards away from any tee boxes, collars or putting surfaces at all times. Members that abuse this privilige and drive inside restricted areas will be given one verbal warning and may result in suspension of membership upon second infraction.

Course Etiquette: The game of golf relies on the integrity of the individual player to show consideration for others and to abide by the rules. Members are required to conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times. Club Members must always be aware of others in their group, others on the course and themselves and should never take any action that could endanger anyone. Members should also do anything possible to leave the course the way it was found by filling divots, raking sand traps and repairing ball marks on putting surfaces. USGA Rules apply at all times unless otherwise stated by Local Rules. Appropriate course attire consists of a collared/golf shirt and no denim. To help preserve the quality of course conditions, only soft-spikes or soft-sole shoes should be worn during play. Personal coolers and glass bottles specifically are not permitted on the golf course or Beau Rivage grounds at any time. Groups of five or more players are not permitted to play on the golf course at any time. For safety purposes, no activity other than golf is permitted on the golf course. Golf staff have full authority to enforce all rules, monitor pace of play and may do whatever is deemed necessary to alleviate any issues that may occur on golf course property. Please contact the Golf Shop directly at (910) 392-9021 x.1 should you see any suspicious activities occuring on golf course property.

Golf Handicap: The purpose of a Handicap System is to make the game of golf more enjoyable for golfers by providing a means of measuring one’s performance and progress by establishing a Handicap Index. This index enables golfers of differing abilities to compete on an equitable basis. To play in any competitive member golf events at Beau Rivage, it is essential that each player conform to the responsibilities outlined in the Beau Rivage Golf Club Handicap Policy.

Golf Outings: Beau Rivage hosts a wide variety of golf outings and events throughout the year and may charge additional fees (eg. Tournament or Entry Fees) on top of existing member golf fees or annual trail plans to participate. A full list of scheduled 2018 golf events can be found online at

Good Standing: To maintain good-standing, a member is required to keep their account financially current and adhere to all membership terms and conditions outlined in this form. Primary members, account dependents and their guests are required to conduct themselves in a respectful manner while using the facilities. Any member that infringes upon any term or guidelines will at first offense be given a verbal warning, at second offense be sent a written notice of infringement and at third offense may be subject to temporary suspension of membership and all of the entitlements. Length of suspension will be decided, in its own discretion, by Beau Rivage management. During this time of suspension, the member will not be able to play golf at Beau Rivage. A fourth offense will result in immediate loss of good standing and a non-refundable forfeiture of payments made on membership dues or trail plans. Once an account loses it’s good-standing, the primary member will no longer be able to use the facilities at Beau Rivage Golf & Resort. Beau Rivage management reserves the right to temporarily suspend or terminate any club membership that, in its sole discretion, fails to meet these criteria.

Hours of Operation: The golf course and resort facilities are available for use 364 days out of the year (closed on Christmas Day only) during established business hours that are posted throughout the clubhouse and online at Beau Rivage reserves the right to close the golf course or resort facilities or portions of either during established hours for scheduled maintenance, repairs, organized outings or private functions. Any of these circumstances will be communicated directly to members to make them aware of such changes.

Loyalty Rewards: Golf club and resort members are automatically set-up to enjoy Beau Rivage’s Member Loyalty Rewards Program. Rather than enforcing monthly spending minimum, this program is designed to reward member support by providing spending incentives. In 2018, club and resort members receive one (1) Loyalty Point per $1.00 spent at Beau Rivage on food and beverage purchases and select Golf Shop merchandise. Every 500 points earned may be redeemed for a $25.00 Beau Rivage Gift Card that is valid to be used on any purchases in the Golf Shop or Veranda Bar & Grill. It is important to display membership cards for every transaction to ensure that your member loyalty points are accrued on purchases.

Membership Cards: Each primary member, spouse and/or account dependent is required to have a picture identification taken for their membership card. Embedded with an account number, member cards are used to process applicable discounts for preferred pricing, accumulate loyalty points on sales and track your spending when used at clubhouse sales registers. Membership cards may also be used for charging payments to your club account (valid credit card on-file required). This service is offered at no charge and can be set-up or cancelled at any time. Members are required to carry their cards at all times while using the facilities and display them to Beau Rivage staff any time a transaction is made. Cards may only be used by the person to whom they are issued. In the event that a card is misplaced, a replacement may be provided for a $10.00 fee. All membership cards expire on January 1, 2019.

Medical Leave: Any member in good standing may request from the club a medical leave of absence. The request must be in writing, and must specify the medical reason supporting the request. Furthermore, the request must specify how long it is anticipated that the member will be unable to play golf, and the date that the request, if granted, is to be effective. The member must provide third party medical verification supporting the request. Any medical leave granted shall be effective as of the 1st day of a month (and may be retroactive to the beginning of the month in which the request is made, if applicant has not played golf during that month). The minimum duration of a medical leave of absence is sixty days. During the duration of the leave of absence, the member shall pay dues equal to the dues paid by a resort member to maintain social perks (discounts, loyalty points, amenities, etc.). Furthermore, during the leave of absence, the member shall not play golf at Beau Rivage. The member shall, however, be allowed to use the practice green and practice range if such use is consistent with the condition of the member, or is appropriate to the member’s rehabilitation. Any excused medical absence (sixty days or more) for a membership paid in-full (annual dues only) will be adjusted or credited toward the future by Beau Rivage management. Annual Trail Plans will not be credited for future use following any leave of medical absense.

Pace of Play: The permitted time of completion for 18 holes by a foursome at Beau Rivage is four hours and thirty minutes or less. Pace of play is monitored by the Golf Shop, Course Starters and Course Ambassadors to ensure an enjoyable golfing experience for all players. Any golfers falling behind maximum pace of our hours and thirty minutes will be asked via course staff or dashboard messages to keep up with the group ahead or allow groups to play through. Helpful pace of play tips can be found online at

Payment Terms: Club membership dues may be paid in-full upon joining (ask about our January sign-up incentives). Monthly terms are reserved for Golf Club (Single, Couple, Family, Senior, Executive, Student, Junior) & Resort Members only. Seasonal and Business memberships must be paid in-full at time of inception. The billing cycle will send out club dues and charging statements to all members each month. Dues are payable on the 1st of every calendar month and must be received by the 10th to avoid any late fees ($25.00). Accounts more than 30 days late without any notification to the club will be temporarily suspended until the balance is paid in-full. During this time of suspension, the member will not be able to play golf until the account balance becomes current. To free members from the hassle of writing checks, making extra trips to the clubhouse or worrying about late fees, Beau Rivage offers the convenience of automatic monthly payments. When set up, club dues and the previous month’s account charges are paid on the 1st of each month using a valid credit card held on file. This free additional service is optional and may be started or cancelled at any time. Any charges to a member account must be signed at the time of sale. If a member leaves an open tab in The Veranda Bar & Grill, the tab will be automatically charged to that member’s account (without requiring consent or signature) at time of closing with an 18% gratuity added.

Player Of The Year: Golf Club Members are encouraged to compete in our exclusive Player of the Year Program that consists of four divisions based on different tee selection. They include Men’s POTY (White Tees), Men’s Senior POTY (Gold Tees), Men’s Super Senior POTY (Green Tees) and Ladies POTY (Red Tees). The program features different tournaments where members can accrue points for outing participation, on-course competitions and results (tournament placement). Members must select their division to compete in and must remain in that division for the remainder of the calendar year. On top of points, club members will also receive gift card payouts for each outing (depending on finishing placement).
In December, the top ten point leaders in each division will be qualified to compete in our Top 10 Player of the Year Shootout (18-Hole Match) to determine the final winners.

Pool Guidelines: Members are required to display their ID cards to the pool attendant upon entering the facilities. Golf Club members may receive complimentary daily guest passes to the pool (located at Front Desk) but must accompany their guests while using the amenities. Children under the age of 14 need to be supervised by an adult at all times. Personal coolers and/or glass bottles are not permitted inside the pool facilities at any time. BEAU RIVAGE DOES NOT EMPLOY LIFEGUARDS. MEMBERS AND GUESTS SWIM AT THEIR OWN RISK.

Preferred Pricing: Golf Club members are entitled to preferred pricing resort-wide (20% discount on select merchandise, food and beverage purchases, clubhouse guest suites, special events tickets and banquet pricing including venue and additional rentals). Member discounts are not applicable toward alcohol sales or in combination with any promotional rates. It is important to display membership cards for every transaction to ensure the proper member discounts are applied to your purchases.

Range Options: Club members are privy to two different half-price driving range options. Members may purchase tokens for 50% off the public price which comes to $3.00 per small bucket or $5.00 per large bucket. Club Members may also choose buy a pre-purchased Driving Range Pass for 50% off the public price which comes to $300.00 for 200 tokens or $1.50 per small range bucket. Driving range passes to not have an expiration date and will last as long as it takes to go through 200 small range buckets.

Tee Times: Golf club members are reserved the right to book tee times up to four weeks in advance. Tee times may be booked in the Golf Shop, over the telephone or online by visiting BEAURIVAGEGOLF.COM/GOLF-COURSE/ONLINE-TEE-TIMES. To ensure that you have guaranteed tee times, especially during the busier months, we recommend using our online tee time reservation engine! When reserving tee times, members should provide as much information as possible (names of other players or guests in a group, using a private cart, etc.) to ensure a faster check-in process on the day of play. For the sake of maintaining an enjoyable pace of play for all, each tee time block is limited to no more than four players. Multiple blocks (any group larger than a foursome) may be reserved by a member if that person is making arrangements on behalf of the group. Individual players must confirm their own spots in the group by 12:00 p.m. the day before or they may be released to the general public. Members that need to cancel a round should notify the Golf Shop to avoid wasted times that may have otherwise been used. All no-shows are recorded throughout the year. Habitual member no-show infractions may result in membership suspension or loss of good-standing.

Trail Plans: Annual plans allow members to enjoy unlimited rounds of golf with waived payment of daily fees. All trail plans must be paid in-full when signing up. Trail plans also provide the option of using a privately-owned cart on the golf course once it has been fully registered with the club. Any full club member with five consecutive years good-standing that turns 80 years old will be entitled to a free Single Trail Plan for life so long as the membership account remains current and they remain consistent as a member in good-standing.

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